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An online learning game designed for high school learners

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Boost Motivation

You are rewarded with different in-game items by tackling challenges. It helps keep your interest in learning and boost your motivation.

Improve Grades

The Last Explorer covers major high school subjects. The more you play, the more you will learn and the better grades you will get.

Stimulate Focus

The Last Explorer stimulates focus by setting goals that require concentration.

Relieve Stress

The Last Explorer is engaging and enjoyable and reduces stress. It tests learners' knowledge without the stress of exams.

Explore, Collect, Craft and Build

The Last Explorer is a browser-based exploration and crafting game for high school learners. Collect and craft all necessary items, build a spaceship and explore the entire universe.

Always Something New

Each new planet brings new challenges, hazards and questions. Why is the knowledge of the ancients dispersed throughout the universe?Β And what happens when you collect it all?

Play anytime, anywhere

The Last Explorer works on desktop, laptop, Chromebook and is coming soon to mobile devices. Continue your journey and mission anywhere you want. No download needed.

Covers high school learning and more

… and much more


‍(more will be added)


High School Subjects
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Unlimited Fun



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